The Lunatics Reverie

Written by: Phillip Landers

I knew you wouldn’t leave me for long.
Loathe the maverick? I would do, but
Mummy always told me not to hate.
You and I shall be friends, 
Resting forever in this rapture.

How quaint,
Those dark intricacies become you,
Woven gently into that blanket of yours,
Such a beautiful blanket…
Subject to availability of course.

Dear diary, dear diary,
Chicken nuggets for tea today.
I’m just a poor little baby,
Silly siege mentality, foolish Freudian shadow,
Your bittersweet halo scorches my skull.

We fooled them. 
Content with false dominance,
Deceived by my dirty Pavlovian response, 
Nature taught me her old trick, how to exploit shallow beauty,
Like the enticing skin on rancid fruit,
To hide the rot within.

There’s no need to get cocky,
I need some time alone, its tiring 
Constantly weaving this immaculate dance,
Counterfeit angels, emerging demons, 
I’ve found a flaw in your game,
Now speak nicely, count to ten, use your indoor voice,
I feel suffocated, 
Smothered inside your brittle inferno, 
Soft collapse and rigid rebellion,
Choking on the flames, 
Burnt breath, hot noise,
Like the touch of lasting whispers,
Breaking into shivering dust, ashes
…to ashes.

Ripped screams, flailing limbs.
A difficult birth. 
Who’s the parasite? 
No matter, 
we’re both bound 
by our perverse umbilical cord. 
Let me feed, 
and in turn I shall let you tighten 
Your soothing collar around my…a…t.