Blink of an eye

Written by: Jon B. Rangel

Over a month and no change of heart,
Is she even trying? Or had no control from the start.

Maybe controlled by others to keep the peace,
mind, heart and will up for release.

Influenced, yet assumed to be in control,
How long before self damage is done, that you see the toll?

Why did you choose this life for the both of us?
To boost your pride and think your tough?

I feel that you have no regret,
your apologies are easy to forget.

If you ever loved me then why do this?
Have I not proved to you that my love for you exists?

Wondering if it bothers you that after all we've been through that I've retired,
it dose not mean that I've lost my desire.

Mentally and physically draining it is to try and salvage our vows,
I've broken mine and you've broken yours, morally not allowed.

So we both screwed up, but only one of us is willing to fix it,
in the blink of an eye, I'll be ready, waiting to commit.