I am a Man

Written by: Pravir Dass

Don’t tell me who I am to you!
Or who you think I should be!
You see me through your binoculars acting as if you knew,
As if you could ever know what I go through daily!
So don’t tell me to act differently
For I am the man I always wanted to be.
I am a man.

Who are you to tell me to change?
You think of me with your crippled mind 
Venturing no further then your thought usual range!
And yet you call me ignorant and unkind.
I wouldn’t change myself not even slightly
For I am who I am because I am who I choose to be.
I am a man

I see no reason for you to be confused.
Its all black and white.
The information is ready for you, waiting to be used,
Waiting to be pieced together to aid your perceived sight
So that you may realize quick
That despite all you may think
I am a man.

How dare you say that I am wasting my life away!
It is my life to lead and I shall lead it the same
No matter what you might think or say
And I hope you understand if only to save yourself the shame,
The shame of knowing that I am my own person
I am independent, I am a product of my own creation,
I am a man.

I know who I am
Inside and out
Who are you?