No regrets

Written by: Pravir Dass

I knew that the dawn follow the dusk

For I had her bosom upon which to bear my soul.

I could always make it through the dark

For I had her soothing voice to guide me.

I felt safe from the assaulting world,

For I could always find sanctuary within in her arms.

The verbal attacks from opposing factions were inane

So long as I had her hands to shield my ears.


My nights were filled with lustful dreams,

Romantic conversations and creative lyrics.

Paradise created by a dreamer.

Based upon her,

Around her.


Yet she has made my heart a liar!

And his feelings, a farce!

Making him the butt of all jokes that my mind could possibly conceive.

Yet, I do not regret any part of it.

For I know that at least once,

I gave Love.

And, hopefully,

Was Loved in return.


What more could I ask for.