My Reason

Written by: Pravir Dass

I want to breathe today

I Love breathing

I breathe because my lungs allow me to breathe,

I breathe because I can breathe,

I breathe because You

Are the air that fills my lungs when I breathe in.

You are the oxygen that remains in my blood 

When I exhale.

The more I breathe,

The more you become a part of me.

You are my reason,

Therefore, I breathe.


I want to dream tonight.

I really love dreaming.

I dream because I can dream of anything,

I dream because I must dream, 

I dream because when I close my eyes You

Are all I see.

You are all that I am looking for.

You are my reason,

Therefore, I dream.


I wish to hold you right now.

Hold you in my arms,

Squeeze you gently and tell you I love you.

I want to hold you for when I do,

You and I become the only two people

Left in the universe

And I Love it

And I need it,

Therefore, I seek it.

You are my reason,

Therefore, I live.