Written by: tamica thompson

Freedom is my medicine.
My sugar topped with cinnamon.
My my matabolism to my 
Being locked up is enpure,
So, my strength, I endure.
"I embrace it with my arms,
through the struggles, 
through the storms".
I'll take a dose of freedom
when I'm feeling down and out.
Freedom is my cure
when my soul is in a drought.
"When I close my eyes,
I dream, dreams of freedom.
"Freedom is my "Paradise",
my "Heavenly Kingdom".
"It holds me so tight
never letting me go".
me people say I'm crazy".
"All I have to say is, so"!
"I carry my freedom,
like a child in my womb,
and when I die,
freedom will live.
it won't follow me to my tomb"!

            " FREEDOM"