A Thanksgiving Poem

Written by: Steve Michael

Thanksgiving day,a day to count your many blessings
A day to give thanks,and a day for rememberance
Rememberance of those who gave there all,Rememberance of those who are 
No longer with us..give thanks,thanks for the money to by the food on your table
And pray for those who can’t afford the same food,give thanks,thanks for the 
And loved ones that’ll surround you on thanksgiving,and pray for the loved ones 
that cannot attend
Give thanks,thanks for the freedom to celebrate thanksgiving in whichever way 
you choose
And pray,pray for the soliders that are in the middle east,making the ultimate 
sacrfice to 
Give you this freedom,and most importantly,give thanks,thanks for the red,thanks 
for the white
And thanks for the blue.when asked how many things am I thankful for,I’ll say 63 
50 stars,and 13 stripes

                      Happy Thanksgiving!!!