Easter Poem

Written by: Steve Michael

Children and adults alike look forward to Easter,but for Different reasons.
           Children celebrate Easter with thoughts of Easter egg hunts,the Easter 
bunny,and baskets of bright colored grass,and candy as far as the eye can see
              Adults celebrate Easter in a variety of ways.
             Some with thoughts of a renewal of the Earth from it’s long winter 
slumber,with green grass in there yards and birds singing in there trees.
             While others celebrate with thoughts of the resurrection and ascension of 
Christ,once again reconfirming there faith.
              But for me,this Easter I celebrate with thoughts of our soldiers in Iraq,and 
thoughts of living in a world free from fear and terrorism.
              This world is possible my friends.Anything is possible if you just 
believe,cause if you believe in something strong enough,how can it not be true.

                                             Happy Easter Everyone