Me from a feline point of view

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

I looked at you
Pity seeps through my soul
How could anyone leave you in hunger
Leaving you with sadness unconsoled

I looked at you with tearful eyes
I knelt down, stroking you gently
I put food right before you
Hoping it satisfy your stomach plenty

That's what you need
The world won't give you any

Finally, you turned to me
A little gratitude you spoke in your eyes
Those words in your eyes warms my heart
Which makes my lips curved a happy smile

The lightning crackled, splitting the horizon
Which makes you scamper into hiding
My Lord, the feline is homeless...
Which brings my heart another aching

I approached you slowly 
Your eyes reflects fear
I carry you in my arms gently
Assuring you that I'm here

You need not fear
I'll leave you no more
You'll come home with me
Entering a happiness door

You entered an entire new world
Onto me you can cling on
You heart filled with uncertainties
But be assured, in my heart love can be found.