My Jones

Written by: Amanda Taylor

i don't drink no alcohol 
i don't smoke no herb 
i don't snort no coke 
i don't even like tea 
yet there's still one addiction 
that's got a hold on me 
and like any true addict 
i aint trying to get free 
i'm hooked on poetry 
hooked on the expressed word 
got a gigantic habit 
the whole neighborhood's done heard 
they be lookin' at me funny-like 
talkin' 'bout me behind my back 
but it don't bother me none 
and that's a bonafide fact 
i caint break away 
this albatross is solid 'round my neck 
i aint even tryin' to lose it 
what tha heck 
this jones is always in ma' face 
when i'm sleep and when i'm 'wake 
i caint beat it 
i aint even tryin' to fake 
i love me some this 
it's way too good to me 
i done accepted this as true 
i got this to do 
and really, hope it's sometimes 
also good to you 
it's a mammoth fight 
i'm welded to it day and night 
and i'm workin' tryin' to make it right 
aint tryin' to hold you up 
but i know the truth on that too 
you aint gon' be held up 
unless you want to 
what can i say