Written by: Louise Picek

I am told 
I must conform
become a part 
of this crowded norm.
The way I carry myself,
my hair,
what I wear,
must all exist to fit in.
But I stand alone,
I don't care 
if they don't love me!
The only one I want to be
is what God claims for me.
Must I stand tall in stilettos,
and fit into a slight size 3
just so my God accepts me?
I must be thankful 
every day that I wake,
because my God
is not like anyone here,
because he doesn't care
on how I conform,
or transform,
to the physical norms.
All God wants
is a heart that is true,
tries to bloom,
and he'll move me on,
no matter what 
the rest of the world 
thinks it can make me do.