My Life Yesterday Today And Tomorrow

Written by: Therese Bacha

My life was a constant puzzle, 
I never knew how to solve it.
My life faded and dimmed 
at the age of six, 
when abused sexually.
My existence haunted me all my life;
it was a constant rumbling ocean.
Daily jolted as an earthquake, 
 made me violate many vows.
My vigor was like a desert with no sand,
I was as frozen, as an iceberg.
It taught me not to forgive but forget,
that's why I lived with broken promises.
My animation was like a zoo, with no animals.
This life above, was lived through my Yesterdays.
           My Life Today.
Today, living in LA with my son
is a life I want. To enjoy that role
as a mother and friend, before it's too late.
Today, I can stand up on higher premises,
to look down at things differently.
For the first time, I know what I want,
as nothing seems impossible.
Today, I dare to strike up,
and look down on different grounds.
My life today, made me aware of my existence,
gave me the meaning of visiting him,
without feeling a stranger.
His light burned away my darkness.
He is the river that allows me to flow.
At this time, he is the cloud that shelters me 
from burning.
He encouraged me to seek a life, find a love,
and not yield to misery.
He helped me win the game,
feel the same, as of today.

Tonight, my true feelings
from Los Angeles.
Terry 7 January 2014