Diamond Rain

Written by: Glaiza Anne Wood

I look into the mirror; I see what I want to see
I see you
I see you and I 
You love me, I guess… Perhaps I love you too
At least I was happy… that’s what I wanted to see

You were smiling still, but the mirror me started to cry
I felt my own cheeks
My real cheeks
Warm and wet with my tears
My knees buckled, I fell limp and cold
As I cupped my face in my hands, a shower of diamonds fell
They fell all around me
I pick up the precious stones
I cut my hand and I realize…
No… they’re not jewels, only broken jagged glass

The mirror was broken and you were gone
You stepped out
You moved on

You walked right through me
I grabbed your hand
But to you I no longer existed

You went to another mirror, to someone else, to where you belong
Someone else saw what she wanted to see
She saw herself with you
And she was happy