Light in Animate Motion

Written by: Glaiza Anne Wood

Dying rays of silent stream into a silent room
It’s golden beams dancing
Light in animate motion
Its master is soon to sink below horizon’s velvet hills
Cornflower, tangerine and crimson stain the sky
Clouds drift…their feathered underbellies glowing bright
Anticipating Dusk’s end, the first pair of paragon eyes appear
Light in animate motion
A matchstick strikes!
Its orange tongue licks the gathering darkness
A candle’s lit!
The wax melts off the darkened wick
It hisses from the water of last night’s rain
Light floods the room halfway through
Its finger reaching out to the shadows
Light… in animate motion
It soaks the curtains and chairs
Light in Animate motion
The silver disk begins to wax
Soon the dark is filled with silver tridents
She dances through the fields
Light in animate motion