Not Everyone Will Feature In Your Future

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

Not everyone will make it to your future,
some only come to give you some lecture.
Forget past parasites, they are gone;
forgive yourself, the deed has been done.
Apprectiate those who are with you today,
only the true friends will eventually stay.
Open your heart, the best is yet to come,
look at the skies, the future is awesome.
Some may lend a hand and later leave,
the faithful will come and forever cleave.
Your destiny is not tied to passers-by,
do not break down when fishes fly.
The fountain of joy flows within you,
explore it and expect no one to excite you.
Accept people for who they are for real,
and their flaws will never be a big deal.
Life is too short to be angry, hury and sad,
live to accept both the good and the bad.