Adams Apple

Written by: Thomas King

Red ripe is my fruit
Plump and bursting with resentment
Oozing remorse and regret
My pain Ready for you to harvest

I have waited patiently
For your uncontrollable urge
To feast upon my agony
And devour my shame

Your greedy appetite
For my suffering is insatiable
Feed your glutinous desires
As you sink your teeth deep
Into my cold flesh

Taste my bittersweet discontent
As you ingest my poisoned hatred
And choke upon the shards
Of my broken heart and shattered dreams

Now that you have consumed
The essence of my pain
I’m nothing but a hollow core
Return my ravaged remains
Back into the soil of Eden's garden

So that I may be absorbed
Back into the earth
And the seed of mans sins
Can now take root