Bees don't go

Written by: Gerard Jordan

Bumbling along from flower to flower
Not sure what they do hour after hour?

Well, let me tell you where we'd be if they were to go
Four years at most and we're likely to follow.

A water melon made tasty by its hundreds of seeds
Every last one pollinated as one of the bees deeds.

Cantaloupes and strawberries, peaches and apples
Their specialness gone, despite your taste bud's grapples.

Cucumbers and squash, tomatoes, peppers and peas
They'd all lose their character without our lovely bees.

"We'll I don't like vegetables" I can hear some of you say
But those Cows, pigs, and chickens need grass or hay!

The one safe thing surely, are the clothes on your back?
Well, with no precious cotton you may just have a sack.

Can we be all British and have a cup of tea
Not if we say goodbye to our humble bee!

Our fragile world, about so little we know
Oh, our bumbling friends, bees don't go!