Written by: Opeyemi Oluwafemi Adebayo

At the rise of the sun-
I saw a flower stretch long,
Her vein glows,
And her barge of charms violently grows.

Shiny is the face
That allures Antony to its rays.
For her juicy nectar,
Pests gather.
In the community of her peers-
Her beauty is their fears.
As her skin’s opulence-
Transcends the rainbows

Caesar ticks for her intelligence,
Ptolemy sighs for her magnificence.
Like stars her grandness brightens
And infinitely heightens

Ramses II in his stance saw none,
Even Olympus in it majesty harboured none.
A type known to caterpillars,
But a kind kept from locusts.

Season of Olympus’ gate.