Word of the Wise

Written by: siza sibiya

Word of earth, words of gioving birth
These are words of wisdom for what they are worth.

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
These wise words were written biblically
Was & were written for you Eternally

The recognition for B.C. revolution
For thy Death brings forth evolution

Wise are the words were heard they were spoken
Wise are the words spoke before they were wrote n'
Wise are the words that sufferred before bones were broken
Wise are the words received as grace for an eternal token

When Life faces reality, Words face society
Contrasting the seed baring fruit of humanity
Words lack the breath of consciousness
Only wisdom has the power to possess

The wise could hear freedom before it come
Ask Mandela, Biko, King and Melcom
From the darkness thier words are heard
Wisdom from their words alight the world

Man call themselve human but they are not humane
Thinking their mind is in the box they call the brain
Shaming the presents