Mountain Stream

Written by: Brian Cosgrove



                                MOUNTAIN   STREAM

                        Mountain stream  oh!  Mountain stream.
                        Tell me; tell me; where you’ve been.	
.                       What you’ve seen, and what you’ve heard       
                        And I will whisper, not a word. 

                        You have heard the songbird’s chorus.
                        Dimmer now than yesterday.
                        Voices, voices in the ripples.
                        But I know not what they say.

                        You have known the mount in winter,
                        Known its steely icy grip.
                        Felt the rain and sleet and snow.
                        Tell me tell me what you know.

                        Of mountains high and rivers deep,
                        Of waterfalls and canyons steep.
                        Of natures calm and fury sweep,
                        Through mountain storms,
                        When no man sleeps. 

                        I see the wonder and the beauty,
                        As ever onwards you do go.
                        But what you say we’ll never know.
                        As onwards to the sea you flow