An oldie but a goodie RAP from an 80's reject

Written by: Bart Jonas

                                                                                     Fought with the law
                                                                                     Yelled at the fuzz
                                                                                     All firecrackers to meet
                                                                                     Children of the street:

                                                                                " YO too OL for a Dapper Rapper"
                                                                                     Every Ho
                                                                                     Mama Bro
                                                                                     Damned but u know
                                                                                     Hell the place
                                                                                     that sinners all go
                                                                                     Evil here
                                                                                     -itches there
                                                                                      Dare to rap
                                                                                     But me don't care
                                                                                     who would shake
                                                                                     hand that quake
                                                                                     Fossil grip
                                                                                    no longer make
                                                                                    one last sing
                                                                                   almost done
                                                                                   fish on bait
                                                                                   the Hipsters won!