Written by: Bart Jonas

                                                   Death grins with Pale emotion
                                                  My now Stone corpse is floating o'er ocean
                                                 arms are stiff and the rest without color
                                                 cadaver shows no signs of a sweet rigor mortis
                                                 And overhead above the casket
                                                 The Reaper is smiling:"YOU'RE DEAD,FANTASTIC!"
                                                 It leaves a bitter after taste that will linger
                                                 Caressing the body and the unmoved finger
                                                 Why would ANY BODY or ANY THING-
                                                 cause to laugh at this poor soul
                                                who can no longer sing
                                                The audacity in pure Evil?
                                                Many try to hide
                                                The Sickness,humor,and selfish pride
                                                I must ask you,though..
                                                DO NOT go along with Death's charade
                                                Repent your Laughter before this existence fade
                                                God will Forgive any provoking parade