Written by: Manu Nair

As the daylight struck,
as I walked into the park,
with the sun glazing,
in the eyes,
I saw a pretty girl swinging on the swing,
With twinkling eyes,
And tiny ears,
as soon as our eyes met, 
she stood up,
on her high heel sandals,
and began walking away from me,
from me,
Was she shy?
I wondered,
I looked at her again 
and again, 
still walking gracefully,
away from me,
away from me,
wondering whether she would return,
I waited and waited, 
until the moon creped out,
in its full glow,
wondering would she return to the park again,
as the moon glowed ,
with all its might,
but she never, never returned,
Was it love?
Or was it romance,
I will never know, 
It ever again!