POEMS within a poem

Written by: Bart Jonas

                                               IT COULD BE HEAVEN
                                            Silkened blankets of Holiest White
                                            Shining onto and from the Angels this night
                                              IT CAN BE LOVE
                                            A valentine shaped heart closer still to Cupid beauty
                                             Every thought woven and spoken with the Highest octave
                                             BABIES ARE EVERYWHERE AROUND IT
                                             so simple in their innocence
                                             Just adorned with Aphrodite's sweet fragrance
                                             Mothers find them precious and adorable,then
                                             DOES LIFE FILL YOU BEFORE SHE LEAVES
                                             Feel the air from her as Our Majesty be still to breathe
                                           Letting every couple enjoy the supple nectar that beckons
                                          Do not yield to the ocean that carries just a shallow current
                                             MABEL AROUND MY ARMS
                                            21 and beautiful in her gown
                                            Arms near my belly that is always around
                                            Riding off on my Harley towards a continent anew
                                            She smiles back and whispers:yes- I love you,too!