A Can of Worms

Written by: Robert Ball

Oh no’ I’ve really opened a can of worms!
An expression used by many that brings mystery some cans not the norm.
In life things, just little things sometimes surprise us!
Like the time I finally found God the Father, the “Word” His name was Jesus.

It’s such a vast universe, stars, suns, moons, planets, asteroids, and of course even black holes.
A can of worms?  When I knocked, searching, asking for the door to be opened and I finally found a spiritual whole. 
To be in communion with the “Word” to able to live by His every word, no matter what; knowing He is with us.
All the universe and gravity put together spectacularly in unison by the Father, and of course Jesus.

The Holy Bible God’s map for humanity, His spiritual light given to mankind so we can be a part of the God family.
Humans of course aren’t packed worms with no thoughts, we are made in the Father’s image, and we need only God’s Spirituality.
Not carnal’ Spiritual’ this is the key, using the wisdom that God chooses for some of “us” to see and be faithful.
The entire universe, Spiritual beings like God, who are His children for this, man’s love for Him should be grateful.