Oh, Think Twice - - -

Written by: Broken Wings

She walks slowly down the street bent over her walker,
     Not looking at the people speeding past her so fast;
It's windy and cold and her legs are swollen and hurt,
           Is there no one in this world who cares?

The people see her but pretend to not notice the need,
     The frayed coat, the out dated style, the gray hair;
They are busy people on their way to somewhere,
           No time for the poor, the elderly, the needy?

But O, think twice, it's another day for you and me,
     In Paradise, think twice for youth is but a moment;
For each person in this Paradise will become the frail,
          Think twice, O think twice, think twice!

The lined faces, paper skin, the lost of energy and spirit,
     This is the reality of Paradise, of life, so think twice;
Life can change in a split second, the once secure,
          Can become the beggar on the corner, think twice!

November 7, 2013


Inspiration the song Another Day In Paradise by Phil Collins