A Balcony Over Venice

Written by: Michael Smith

There’s a balcony over Venice
Somewhere outside Dallas, Texas
Through a sliding glass door

A couple sits toasting to the croons of Elvis
With paper cup chalice
Upon their European back porch

Making conversation language love
Beneath candle moon blue August
The symphony inside plays, dog barks, six children snore

“May I have this dance?”
The gussied up working stiff redneck asks 
To the lady he adores

On a balcony over Venice 
Two lovers sway
Hand on hand kissing even more

They dream together "moon rivers" 
Between skips of old worn records
Holding on to their tender years

And tighter to homespun fantasies
More alive in the Italian Texas breeze
He twirls her on forever above smiles of gondoliers 

And around their linoleum ballroom floor
Little eyes appear like starlight blinking
Twinkling out with laughter

There’s a balcony over Venice
Somewhere outside of Dallas, Texas
Where a father loves a mother, a son and five daughters 

                                                                    Happily ever after