As This Nation Turns It's Back On God

Written by: Jim Pemberton

As This Nation Turns It’s Back On God…

Does it seem to you to be somewhat odd…
As this nation turns it’s back on God?

As we embrace perversion of many kinds…
We’re left with many empty and godless minds!

As we strive for “church and state separation…”
We’re left with a very hurting generation!

It’s no wonder why many are confused and lost…
As courts try to ban the very sign of a cross!

I often wonder, are people just simply afraid?
When was the last time anyone took time to pray?

We celebrate the “holidays,” but can’t have a nativity?
In spite of all of the fun, excitement and festivity!

Why can’t people wake up and see what’s wrong?
It’s only in God, that we can remain strong!

The very words; “in God we trust” must be a reality!
Before our nation becomes a spiritual fatality!

Come back America!  Come to the God who wants you!
He’s waiting for you now!  
Because he LOVES you!

Come back to the true freedom that built this nation!
Only God can give us a truly solid foundation!

God is the answer to all of our government’s problems!
It’s about time we seek and involve him!

Please come Jesus!  And bring healing to America today!
May we all come to you
 in repentance and PRAY!

By Jim Pemberton