Tropical Shower

Written by: Nature Boy

The sounds of the tropical birds awaken your mind.
The view is breathtaking as your thoughts flow to a simpler time.

You smile, breathing in the air so crisp and clean.
The waterfalls the tropical forest a feeling serene.

The water cascades over the cliff and filters through the cracks.
You watch as the water forms a shower flowing into rocks laid flat.

You feel the sun heat your skin as you ease into the cool stream.
The water flows over your head and down your smooth body as you dream.

You tilt your head as the water rushes down your hair and back.
The calming feeling eases your mind as you close your eyes and relax.

You trace the body with your fingertips as the stress is released.
Your body is tingling with a warm feeling of peace.

You move from the tropical shower and lay upon a smooth warm rock.
The sun tans your smooth skin and drys your flowing locks.

Your fingers trace across your stomach as you bask in the glow.
You are at one with nature, no one near no one knows.

Your eyes close as your senses come alive.
His fingers join as your dreams come to life.