Outlaw McCurdy

Written by: Michael Byte

Born in 1880 
to a single mom
back in Maine.
He volunteered
in the army 
after school.
He did many 
bank's and trains.
He stayed in Oklahoma 
but broke the law
in other states too.
His gang of jolly
men changed many times.
His demise 
came from train
he went to rob.
Two demijons
and a watch
is all he got.
Asleep in a loft
the city marshall 
and deputies came along.
Minutes pass by
but still alive.
Stinger Fenton got 
the shot that count
that silenced his gun. 
Being embombed 
his body was a side show
for all to see.
In California one day
in the show
being a mannequin
his arm tore
as all were in shock
to see the bone.
McCurdy in a hearse
with gun riders beside
taken to boot hill in Guthrie 
where he lay