Just The Other Day

Written by: Shawn Sackman

Just The Other Day – Shawn Chadwick Sackman

Just the other day 
I caught myself day dreaming wishin’ we were twenty three again
Watching’ every day go by with us loving’ like it’d never end
With my best friend

Just the other day
A chance to turn back the clock and do it all again
Knowing what we know now what would we change if anything
Would it be the same

Just the other day
The love we see in each other’s face every day 
Loving each line that we earned along the way
Even some grey

Just the other day
The simple things that we never even gave a thought
Are memories stored that just can’t be bought
No not forgot

Just the other day
I could see there’s so much more life still to come
I can’t waste a minute thinking about when it’s done 
Still more to come

Just the other day
I felt a love that would never ever ever.. ever fade
Sometimes our dreams show our path along the way
Yeah, along the way
Just the other day
Just the other day