Blink of an Eye

Written by: brandi foote

I may not know what it's like to have a child,
A miracle that makes the 9 months worth while.
I dont know if i can, But would like to have one someday,
That doesn't stop me from loving them all anyway.
They start off young and thats alright,
Best be careful.... They'll be grown in a blink of an eye.
Do your best to be apart of their lives, now and later on,
you dont want to look back and regret what should have been done.
I'm not telling you how to be a parent, oh no,
just a tip, though I would be the happiest in the world if I could have one of my own.
Starting to doubt that i'm able to, i dont know, Just tell them you love them and ask about their day,
Yes, i know it sounds cleche'
But you never know what could happen tonight,
Be there with what you can even a call... you ask "why?"
Cuz life is short and their grown,
with children of their own... 
in a blink of an eye.