Is this what you call fate?

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

I know i am fresh 
To know the twist and turns of life
But for as long as my soul is covered by flesh
I am trying hard to survive

I am trying hard to understand
to uncover the truth that blends
I pray that my love will never end
Even though bad times i have to hand

It is hard to control my destiny
It is harder to control my fate
Though at times help comes in handy
I don't know who to believe and what conclusion awaits

I've heard that love is pain
But i choose to ignore the recent claims
When love gets into fame
That tells me who to blame

Who else to blame if it isn't me
My heart is pounding recklessly
I can't bear the future i'm forced to see
I can't listen to my heart's pleas 

Tell me my fate that awaits
Show me the bait i have to take
So i could prevent the birth of hate
And the feeling of heartbreaks...