Written by: Carl Rankin

Here I am, alone again
Darkness and silence, my only friends.
Indecision and confusion, yea they’re here too. 
With great advice on what to do.
Pain is present, and accounted for.
Along with misery. Who could want more?
I have all these friends that never make a sound.
Yet they scream inside my head, on the stage they have found.
I have asked them to leave, but the rent is paid in full.
And so now I’m the puppet, with strings that get pulled.
Oh how I wish I could cut the strings tied to my heart.
To be carefree once again, and to have a new start.
They say time heals, and I know that it’s true.
But the scars shall remain this steady constant proof.
But hey I’m tuff and I can swallow what I feel.
I can push it away, or pretend it isn’t real.
I’m a survivor, and I can weather the storm,
And I can deal with travesty, regardless of its form.
So once again I set out 
I trust in myself, for I have no doubt.
That the sun shall rise and greet my face
It’ll dry my tears, and it’ll set my pace.
Though my days I shall run 
Until my living days are done.
But still I hope, and still I pray 
That I could at least brighten someone else’s day.
And though with words I try to express
What it is I feel. It’s just sadness.  
By:  Carl Preston Rankin III