Stop time

Written by: Guillermo Soto

Sometimes I just wish I could stop time,were what we do and say,won't end up making each other cry, in this pass few days I been digging out the love you buried deep in my heart, and i try to put our promises back together,but they still look torn apart, sometimes I just wish I could stop time,and run away from all this,were is a God when you need him,sir pleace try to fix my heart, oh that's right ,things happen for a reason,lesson learn ,it hurts when you get played and even worst when you get cheated, sometimes I just wish we could be kids again,were everything didn't make since,now look everything is clear like water,if we fall we will fall ten times harder , mom isn't here anymore,we finally grew up,sometimes I just wish I could stop time,and make funny faces to does mean people that bully me,can you Imagine just kicking everyone you no were,than click play,watch as the world cries and feels pain,
Sometimes I wish I could go back,and hold you tight just one more time,but than I realize I wasn't good for you,
Let me just reset and star over,I wish that could come true,this is reality silly,game over,close the circle,let her breathe,better yet give her the silent speak,when she says IM sorry I lost my numbers on my phone,who is this? I'll just say no one important,just wanted to know how you were,than watch as that message never gets answer,sometimes I think God does the same,I wounded if he stops time and cries out as loud as he can,lucky at least no one makes fun of him,at least he doesn't get played,he is our creator,I was just a joke to him, that's why he made me this way,I wish we could be kids again,were we belive everything they say,school was always a waist of time,they gave the lessons first than the test,the difference in life,we get the test first than the lesson,sometimes I just wish you could keep your promise,the one were you promise to stay forever and always,now look your gone,first to come and first to leave,sadly IM use to it,your such a dum ass ,yea that's me,to finish my act,I'll just sit all alone and pretend you actually didn't lie,when you said I was your best friend, were are you now besty,oh that's right far away, hopefully you don't mine,but sometimes I wish I could hug you tight as I stop time.