My Real Home

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

I understand now! I hate that I 
went back to my childhood and 
It was a mistake! They made 
me ,a success, look like a total 
Monroe, I have developed a 
new hate for you I came back 
with a full deck of cards.
Then you made me play fifty –
two pick up and turned me 
away and I lost mega bucks.
My works had been placed in 
special collections in the 
libraries of three major 
But in Monroe, I became a bum 
on the streets living in defeat 
and I was already a winner.
I was called the Anti-Christ, a 
false teacher, and a blasphemer 
in all seasons.
That’s summer, fall, spring, and 
winter. People lied on me there 
for no apparent reason.
No one stood up for me, not 
even my family, when I was 
lied on, falsely accused, 
And at jeered.
I was a disgrace at home and 
at me they should have been 
shouting cheers.
This foolishness has gone on 
for three years and I’m really 
glad that I’m not there no 
Now, I’m in another place 
where I really do not belong. I 
could never call this place 
No friends are here. No family 
is either. No shopping done. No 
victory won. 
No real happiness.
Friends were at home. Family 
was too. Shopping was done 
Victory for my life was won.
Happiness was there whether 
or not there was light being 
radiated from the sun.
I hate Monroe more than ever 
before and the place where I’m 
at much more.
I love Baton Rouge and I know 
if I was there I wouldn’t be 
Or looking like Ebenezer 
Ebenezer Scrooges’ conspired 
against me three years ago,
 When I was living life away 
from Monroe.
I love Baton Rouge! I want to 
go back so that I can have 
peace, love, 
And a candy painted Cadillac.
I love Baton Rouge! I want my 
family, friends, home, church, 
and money back.
I hate Monroe! I earned things 
there that you must give back. 
You thieving rat!
I don’t want anything from 
you! I see that you must learn 
from me and that’s a fact.
I know for truth that Baton 
Rouge is my real home and 
That I was born and raised in 
But I know for a fact that I do 
not ever want to be a resident 
of there anymore. 
 You closed the door.
Bye Monroe! I slam the door on 
you! You hated me first! You 
took off my plate!
I’ll never make that mistake 
again in my life. I’m going 
home soon ,
To my real home, Baton Rouge,
To never act or look like an 
Ebenezer Scrooge!