Let's Pretend

Written by: sarah woodland

Let's pretend we are one,
Let's pretend that we are done.
Throw the coin into the ditch,
Been told that life's a glitch.

Swallow the lies and drown them in sorrow,
Withered down in pitiness for tomorrow.
Let the sun take it's place,
Among the stolen race.

Sucked up love and heavensent,
Killed in blood and sin, the blood's been spent.
Alone and an evermore of feeling of pain,
I hope I'll make it, way back to Maine.

Stumble along the loneliness of this road,
Watch the frogs gang up in the pond, to kill that toad.
Feet sore, they can barely walk,
Mouth so dry, it feels frozen and barely can talk.

Let's pretend to be alive,
Let's pretend as though we were five.
Let's pretend we weren't on our graves,
Let's pretend we can't feel the angry waves.

Let's pretend we aren't dying,
Let's pretend it's joy for the reason we are crying.
Let's pretend this isn't my last breath,
Let's pretend we can't feel this death.