Idaho Woman

Written by: Wayne Hill

A crowded bookstore cafe,
during a breezy October afternoon,
you inspired a thousand journeys.
A voice apart, an intimate tune.

Skin as fair as a wandering snowflake,
crystalline eyes of brilliant blue,
hands, warm like embers,
Your thundering heart I knew beat true.

Turbulent trials overcome with strength
proudly bearing misery without shame.
Gracefully, you stand against the gale,
a vigilant signpost on a lonely plain.

A deep, abiding assurance of destiny
came with the comfort of caring hands.
Shelter against the jagged thorns, born
 in the grain of societies coarse sands.

A firm rock of stability in the turbulent
white water of a detoured life.
You altered the destination of my path,
offering communion over strife.

Granite cliffs of ancient ranges will not outlast     
the uneroded passions of my stubborn heart.
My love will outlive the frailties of my body,
powerless to smother what I did not start.

The verdant growth of my hidden soul
shall be the private delight of a loyal mate.
Like the intense aroma  of the rarest flowers,
grown in the sunshine of this purest state.

Together, while drifting in calamity,
or striding in euphoria's sweetest tune. 
I dwell in the blessed fields of love's rewards,
praying  she passes not too soon.