Birthday Girl

Written by: Joyce Johnson

I'm so proud to be your poet friend
And grow prouder every year.
Each year your birthday finds you
More lovely and more dear.

From the poems you have posted 
To the woman I admire,
You've proven you are worthy of
All the things that you desire.

You've nurtured us as family
And helped us when in need.
You've sponsored many contests
To help us to succeed.

Is it any wonder I'm so pleased 
To sing your praises loudly
And tell the world how great you are?
I do all that and proudly.

For Linda's birthday.  10/7/13

Linda, I remember when you first started posting on Poetry Soup.  You started with a bang
and you haven't slowed down. It didn't take long for you to be one of the most prominent poets on the site.  Have a wonderful birthday.  With love, Joyce