Sacrificial Offerings

Written by: Aaron Valbusa

Those given to Odin swung from trees with blackened face,
whilst Kali’s servants strangled those they sent to her embrace
The people of the sun tore beating hearts out on their altars,
for the sacrificial procession through the ages never falters

We shake our heads and ponder the barbarity of man
and question any gods who ask for death within their plan,
yet none has spilt more blood, nor cried as loud with their demands
as the god of greed and privilege whose disciples run these lands

Sent to meet their makers through the medium of war
we find these sacrificial victims bombs have blown, and bullets tore,
offered up to fill the vaults of these extremists and fanatics,
sacrifice disguised through slippery verbal acrobatics

They’re drowned when vessels sink, sent down to Poseidon’s watery tomb,
for the silverware some suckle leaves a thousand without spoons,
and the gamble between a leaky boat and a slow death through despair
is one that more will make whilst prophets preach of taking others share

Starved in slums, or worked to death in roles of servitude,
Illness without medicine and bellies without food,
victims of these economic modern day Crusades,
where the armour’s turned to suits, and the pen’s more deadly than the blades     

Don’t let the veneer of civilisation hide the brute that lurks beneath,
for the sword still spills the blood no matter how fancy the sheath,
and the god whose sway we’re under is as brutal as his kin,
growing fat upon the sacrifice the system builds within, 
and the high priests of the Dollar Gods ensure the victim bleeds,
as they bow down in Wall Street temples to appease the Markets needs