Intuition Invade Illuminate

Written by: Therese Bacha

Because I love you, ensemble, 
we could embezzle our happiness
A moment at a time.

Because I love you, we could grant
ourselves, experience the fullness
of love, by giving and receiving
In our everyday life.

Because I love you, ensemble,
let's feel connected to something
 greater, than our own ego.

Caress our bodies, Ensemble,
We could sleep head to head,
light the flame without any shame.
Meant to be we would let go of what 
wasn't meant to be, have faith 
in what will be.

We could primarily dictate our now,
blow the snow steal the wind,
To ride away.
Because I love you together,
We could dream and scream,
Light up the darkness of our world,
When resting on our bed.
Since we desire each other together,
we could ride the tide on a boat,
as husband and bride, while sleeping,
Side by side.
Because we yearn for one another, 
Lets become from the very few,
To lift our souls towards a beginning, 
embrace our love, as we only knew,
How our adoration grew. 

Let's hold hands just stand, 
entangle our bodies
Then dance to the band,
Till the music ends.
Seduce me.
November 17 2013
 Therese Bacha