A Season's Dance

Written by: Sara Kendrick

Sultry afternoon zephyr moves
Pacificator's calm
Rallying in spring's blossoms' dance
Inherit Hyacinth's balm  

Now dance Cherry blossom pink
Glide 'pon zephyr's faint breeze
Slip to the ground and rest in death
Unite in summer's ease

Move mighty oak branches~dance, groove
Mighty summer storm blows
Enjoy the strong breeze, clap and tap
Rinsed, energized leaves glow

Afternoons warm, cool autumn nights
Unusually dry air
Thrill to colorful leaves' tango
Unified dancing pairs

Moss is touched by ballerina
Neat steps of burgundy
Wisteria's yellow vines twist
In step so artfully

Nests are empty their numbers few
Tapestry of white embossed
Evergreens shake, snow waltzes down
Remember dances lost

Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle
Contest: A Season's Dance
Written: September 28, 2013
Poet: Sara Kendrick
Poulter's measure:8,6,8,6 with rhyme only on the 6
The first letter of each line spells something