Licenced to write poem

Written by: Mushtaque Barq

I write, what to me and you
comma instead of colon, I use
Vowels at will, so what!
I am licenced to write poems.

Rhyme? a ring of my little finger
Rhythm but my gate keeper
Puns and punctuations Tom and Jerry
Fight often
Bark occasionally;
My mood but a King crazy
Raises huts
Breaks edifices
Punishes the metre
But saves the matter
Order reverse the reveries revered
I am licenced to write poems.

My inabilities, my poetic devices
Errors, my punctuation marks suitable
My blank and free verses
Nay but oxymorons and paradoxes
All faces fair
My pages to write
I write what others criticise
I re-write what others praise
I am licenced to write poems.

My metaphors are metachemical
My smilies, similarities ironical
My exclamations vary
Like my broken pens many
I write on walls, when it rains
I have my style unique and unfair
I use, misuse the Muse
I am licenced to write poems.