The Sound

Written by: Elizabeth Skiba

The sound of thunder wind and the rain
the sound of my heart in sorrow and pain

the sound of your steps I still hear on the stairs
sitting at the table with my crying face 

the sound of children crying for their dad
our hearts are empty confused and very sad

the sound of laughter still rings in my ear
when you left I'm here living in fear

the sound of your voice calling for my name
you left me alone tell me who to blame ? 

the sound of your car you drove that night with me
the lights that blinded you the road you couldn’t see

the sound of open door no smile and no face
she took you far away to the unknown place

the sound of crying angels NO sound of beating heart
the death that stood between us the death took us apart

the sound of empty heart the sound of empty soul
the sound one day will break when I’m ready to let you go