- Deleted -

Written by: Charity Lymmn

Opening my eyes
to the darkness in my room.
I try not to cry
and look away to soon.

I didn't know what woke me up
from my horrible dream.
But what did I expect
when I wake up at three?

This is not it.

Walking around the mess
afraid to think why.
Looking at the steps,
that's when I start to cry.

The steps, same as my room
are a dark shade of red.
Everything's covered
in death.

I truly wake up.

I cry, just like in my dream
for I know this story all to well.
This was a night ten years ago
when I was to afraid to let go.

That night while I was sleeping,
my mom and dad had died.
What woke me up,
a gunshot.

I was only four,
which is why I'm still alive.
One year older,
and I would have died.

I have that dream a lot,
different parts each time.
They said I was to young,
to remember that one night.

Then why do I still remember it?

After I saw my mom and dad
lying still on the stairs.
The police and ambulance broke in,
and carried them away.

We had a small funeral
a few blocks from that house.
I go there once a week,
to cry over their graves.

I was really close to my mom,
she was like my best friend.
She always will be,
until the very end.

This is also where I 
buried my friend, Shaun.
I'll see them all when I go 
to visit the small pond.

- This is a true story. I would've told you what I found when I went downstairs, but it is something I couldn't have imagined. I never will tell anyone everything I found, until it's not so bad to think about it... Have a good day! Lee< -