Reflecting back on life

Written by: Robert Walker

As I look back at life I realize that I was dumb 
For not taking advantage of things when I was young
There is so much that I have forsaken
When the world was mine just for the taking
I should have been a doer instead of just a dreamer
But yet I let everything slip right through my fingers
Missed out on so much wealth but not the rejection
All because I took life in a different   direction
Back then I was a free spirit and thought it was cool
Not knowing I had so much in life too lose
But look at me now middle age and depressed
With a hand full of bills and a head full of stress
If   only I could go back 20 years or so
I’d   then take advantage of all that I know
But I realize I’m just chasing another dream
And life isn’t really as bad as it seems
Because regardless   how bad my life appears to be 
There is always someone out there worst off than me