On receiving bad news by telephone

Written by: Brian Terry

last night late
at ten o’clock no less
a telephone call
from my cardiologist
‘we’ve just found a mass in your lung’

Oh *****I thought
all I need.
My dear wife distraught
‘I’ve only just began to feel optimistic
no longer will your heart give up. 
Now this am I strong enough to go through this again?
I cannot bear it I might lose you.’

next day 
I sit in my study thinking
outside by the window
a bush climbs
I think a Berberis
red berries
home to thrush
frequent visitor
he’s appeared today

I look out at him
and he looks in at me
he bobs his
in thanks I guess
for the berries
he’s just selected

will his great grandchildren
come to visit when I’m gone
will they sample the berries
will they know to look for me
how would they know 
that I’ve gone