Daylight Blues

Written by: Colin Marschall

Daylight crashes blissful
ignorance of sleep.
Hammering on eye-lids,
seemingly screaming;

        "Let me in!"

Resentful sigh sneaks passes pursed lips.
Another day to endure.

Reluctant feet battle the floor,
as they shuffle to a table, filled
with illusions.

What shall I become today?

The "thoughtful" thespian,
the "devil may care" gigolo
or just
a sad man "deep in thought".

        Does it matter?

All are just facades,
fancy dressings to hide truth.

Mirror reflects the reflection of sadness
haunting troubled eyes.
Look deep enough and you will see
sanity clinging to threads of desperation.

(But no one looks that deep.)

They swim in shallows; relatively safe.
Only glimpsing dangers, hanging on the edges
of tunnel vision.

Flip this frown and wonder who is the madman
grinning at you; Your pseudo twin,
the one who everyone adores?

Time to wash away reality, inflate the ego,
step out and greet "friends"
(Ones who really don't know.)

Let this masquerade begin.