At Last

Written by: Crystal Tichenor

You had your side of the road, 
I had mine. 

You walked with friends, 
I walked alone. 

Occasionally you all threw stones across the road, aiming them my way. 
I'd do my best to dodge them. 

Occasionally, you'd yell ugly mean things across it at me. 
I'd put in my headphones. 

You'd pass several strangers, telling them ugly things about me that weren't true... 
just because I walked alone, differently than you. 

Eventually, the road ended and we were left standing face to face. 
Up close, you actually look human that I almost forget... almost... 

but I remember the days when the road ran between us.
 I still carry the scars from your sharp stones. 
And just because this road ended, 
doesn't mean the pain did. 
My scars from the sharp stones you threw didn't go away with the road. 

Just because you think you've learned, 
doesn't mean you won't have karma to pay. 

So while you stand there and stare,
 frozen in regret,
 pretending you were never the sidewalk bully,
 waiting for them to pave a new way for you, 

I'm moving forward... 
barefoot in the grass... 
at last.