Written by: Bart Jonas

I have heard the light
Her radiant but sad muse
Wavering across the spectrum LIFE
These ears are tuned to the melody
that continues to play throughout our
passages in this stratosphere Today
You might think Me a strange
to remember every frequency that
keeps ringing across my melancholy face
as Myself,
Sensitive to the words
Verses that are unique and distinctively different
From any sound that reverberates around this Mighty World
Does it not surprise that my Ears are the same as these eyes
Made for listening as well for Peering
I am not such a predator that uses it for leering
For attuning,
into & outer space of this Earth,

Her Vineyard of Wine that keeps expanding all of her taste

Not such a Waste,mind you

If you heard what I have..
You Would Listen with Love as well

I can Tell!!